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Automotive parts


Electromagnetic Compatibility

                                                                        Applied products
Car burglar alarmSensorMainframeBuzzer etcMotorsSeat,wiper etcBack draft radar/Andvance radar
Air-Conditioning OutletPortable braking performance testerRecharger/Airbag/Door
ABS electro anti-lock breaking systemElectronically Fuel Injection systemDashboard
GPS NavigatorSpeed SensorDVD playerBroadcast
Controlling moudleFan assemblyRemote Door Unlock controller
Electrical controllerVehicle dispatch terminal Electronic car antenna

                                  Applied Test & Standard
Radiated Emission TestCISPR 25, GB 18655
Radiated disturbanceISO 11452-2
Bulk current injection ISO 11452-4
Transient conduction immunityISO 7637-2/3 GB 21437.2
Electrostatic dischargeISO 10605



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