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Commerical appliance

Commercial electric deep fat fryers:                    GB4706.1-2005  GB4706.33-2008
Commercial electric forced convection ovens,steam cookers and steam-convection ovens  
GB4706.1-2005   GB4706.34-2008
Commercial electric boiling pans                          GB4706.1-2005    GB4706.35-2008
Commercial water electric boilers and liquid heaters      GB 4706.1-1992  B4706.36-1997
Commercial electric griddles and griddle grills     GB 4706.1-2005   GB4706.37-2008
Commercial electric kitchen machines                  GB 4706.1-2005  GB4706.38-2008
Comerocal electric Oven and Toaster                    GB 4706.1-2005   GB4706.39-2008
Commercial electric multi-purpose cooking pans               GB 4706.1-2005   GB4706.40-2008



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