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CQC Intime battery laboratory is accrediated and certified by a range of international organizations, provide testing services on products from the conventional  Lithium battery, Primary cells and modules, to the Large power batteries and Super capacitor. We also can conduct UN38.3 test on Lithium battery safety transportation performance and DGM report on dangerous goods verification and assessment. We can perform the test under various standard and requirement in domestic or international, such as China GB standard, international IEC standard, USA UL standard,  SJ China Electronics Standardization Institute etc. From our quick, highly accurate testing and certification, we boost your confidence in the quality of your products are compliance with local government and legal requirements, somooth your goods accessing to different markets.

From CQC Intime, we assure you:
* Ensure your compliance with the legal requirements
* Benefit from our extensive experience and services
* Gain increased security in terms of product liability



Mail: cqc_service@163.com
Fax: 0512-66303625
Addr: Suzhou wuzhong economic development zone, wuzhong road no. 1368, wuzhong science and technology park