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Audio, Video and similar apparatus



CQC Intime AV/IT laboratory is one of the first laboratories since the company foundation in 2005. The current structure in laboratory consists of two testing business segments-CCC and IECEE CB, We help our customer by offering quality testing and product certification for Videos, Audios, Players, Color TV receivers and most other consumer electronics with extensive testing experience and advanced equipments.
Staffed by the experts and engineer of highly educated, with rich experience in virtually every technical field. CQC Intime aims to provide competitive and productive services to every customer, we enable you to reduce risk and shorten time to market, tap into new markets through international commercial licenses.

Benefits from the services in CQC Intime:

* Compliance with local government and legal requirements
* Minimize your risk of liability
* Boost confidence in the quality of your products
* Certified by a neutral testing institute
* Gain a lead over the global competition



Mail: cqc_service@163.com
Fax: 0512-66303625
Addr: Suzhou wuzhong economic development zone, wuzhong road no. 1368, wuzhong science and technology park