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Household Appliances



CQC Intime household safety testing laboratory  is one of the first batch of the laboratories since the foundation of the company. We carry out test and cerification on electric appliances designed for household use, from cooking pots, cleaner, washing machine, refrigerator to cooking ranges,to check if your product are meet with relevant standards on safety, performance and energy efficiency, or tailored test based on user characteristics. Our experienced experts can also give solutions on how to optimize your products to comply with the requirements wherever you want to import them, strengthen your confidence in the quality, reliability and safety of your household products. business is the strong commitment to the continuous.
We have:       Excellent team: All staff are passed the national commission exam and have rich experience
                     Extensive experience: Over than 1000 type tests being performed each year.
                     Comprehensive facility: All equipments are  meet with to CB laboratory requirements.

Service offer:
                     Safety test
                     Energy conservation test
                     Energy efficiency test
                     Performance test

Benefits from testing in CQC Intime:
* Quick, highly accurate testing
* Compliance with local government and legal requirements
* Minimize your risk of liability
* Boost confidence in the quality of your products
* Save money by our experience and expertise



Mail: cqc_service@163.com
Fax: 0512-66303625
Addr: Suzhou wuzhong economic development zone, wuzhong road no. 1368, wuzhong science and technology park