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CQC Intime Automotive electric and electronic components lab operating strictly in the light of ISO/IEC17025:2005, With 100000squremeters in scale and equipped with over than 700 leading instruments, can provide a whole system for quality assurance. we follow the international standard and the whole vehicle creteria to perform the test such as Safety test, Environment reliability, Electro Magnetic Compatibility,Endurance test, Battery Test, Chemical test and more, touches almost all parts of vechiles including motors, braking system, dashboard, electonicals, interior decoration,batteries, materials and so on. Besides, We can provide valuable guidance  and strong technical support during the R&D and debugging periods.

Our neutral, scientific, accurate test and assessment is the best proof of its high regard for quality. Put yourself in good steady with automotive manufacturers, dealers and importers.
Benefits from the services in CQC Intime:
* Certified by a neutral testing institute, quick, highly accurate testing
* Compliance with local government and legal requirements
* Minimize your risk of liability
* Boost your confidence in your products with tested car equipment



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