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Electrical Components



CQC Intime Electical components Laboratory is the key developing one that corporate highly focused on, which equipped by a number of advanced equipments, such as ST88 Weldability testing equipments High-temperature environment, Type apparatus switch life tester, Durability Test System of  of Capacitor, Axial testing system, Inframing temperature controller performance testing machine ect. You can now test and validate systems and components, conduct quality assurance and life-cycle simulations, and prepare for release and qualifications.
Whenever your products like Switch, Capacitor, Transformer, controllers, Inductor,ect, need CCC certification or CQC voluntary certification. The only other option is to have the product tested in an independent, third-party laboratory, we are the specialized laboratory to provide this type of release/approval and offer high-level, quality testing and certification services.

From CQC Intime, we assure you:

* Benefit from our extensive experience and services
* Fulfill current safety and quality norms, the tram construction and operation directive
* Gain increased security in terms of product liability
* Boost confidence in the quality of your products
* Rely on our support for effective interface management with efficient, cost-effective operation




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