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Rail vehicles apparatus



The rapid change of economic development and increasing population bring much challenges to the metropolitan traffic system, which can not merely be solved by extending roads or increasing vehicles. Rail Vehicles early appeared in the city as the public transportation takes a more and more important role. China s rail transportation network will continuous expand in the next 5-10 years With the large-scale construction of rail transportation
, the whole rail supply chain including the signaling system, vehicle components, accessories and interior trims, electromechanical devices etc thus will be enlarged, which certainly need more and more reliability tests for the quality and safety concerned.

Fully taking this advantage of industry development along with our own test capability. CQC Intime rail vehicles laboratory  has gradually extended the test field from traditional E&E industry into rail vehicles in the past two years, and have been wildly accrediated by various leading companies in the world. Most of tests are commisioned by our customer for checking their quality reliability or safety, from mechanic/climatic enviroment test, electromagnetic compliance, electrical safety, to materials anylysis and more, Covering products that from Locomotives ,Passenger train, Freight train, Electrical Multiple Unit,to Suburban Train etc. Through our neutral test and demonstrateion of your products in quality and safety , we help our customer reinforce the competitiveness in the global marketplace

From CQC Intime, we assure you:

* Benefit from our extensive experience and services
* Fulfill current safety and quality norms, the tram construction and operation directive
* Gain increased security in terms of product liability
* Boost confidence in the quality of your products
* Rely on our support for effective interface management with efficient, cost-effective operation



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