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CQC Voluntary Certification



CQC Voluntary Certification, including CQC mark certification, Energy conservation certification and Environmental certification.

       CQC mark certification is one of the voluntary certification services that operated by China Quality Certification Center(CQC). The products are verified to conform to the requirements of the standards of quality, safety, environment and performance only by using the CQC Mark. CQC mark certification focus on safety, electromagnetic compatibility, performance, harmful substances (RoHS) and others that directly impact of consumer or property safety indicators.  The purpose of it is to protect consumers personal and property safety, and maintain consumers interests to improve the product quality of domestic enterprises and increase the product competitiveness in the international market to facilitate the smoother accession of foreign enterprises products into the domestic market.
        Energy Conservation Certification, the products are verified to be compliance with the relevant requirements of energy conservation  by using the mark with Chinese Character "Jie". Through the energy conservation certification, It aims to arise the customer interest in consumption, and helps the enterprise get a well-known brand.
        Environmental  Certification, the products are verified to be compliance with the relevant requirement of environment protection by using the mark of "China ECO Labeling certification", Through this certification, it aims to improve our natural and living environment by producing and consuming of the product in an more environmental-favorable way, thus to promote the sustainable development of nature, economy and society.

Benefits from testing in CQC Intime:
* Compliance with local government and legal requirements
* Minimize your risk of liability
* Boost your confidence in your products with tested car equipment
* Certified by a neutral testing institute



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